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One of the perpetrators. No hair, thin body, no barbed stinger: a yellowjacket

I was innocently mowing the yard and drove by a rock where last year, we discovered a nest of ground bees.  Not two minutes later, I had a few dozen yellowjackets on my heels. Well, now my record for never having been stung is ruined. I got six stings in rapid succession and a few hours later, they’re still hurting.

Claire giving my cheek where the wasp stung a kiss.

Good thing they’re a dull pain,” Jack texted. What?! I don’t consider myself a wuss but it feels like I got cut with a razor, stabbed with a syringe full of stinging venom and then punched. I’m pretty sure I’d rather give birth au naturel to triplets than be stung by yellowjackets again.

Like I had any chance against a nest that big!

I’m thankful however it was me and not the girls who discovered them. Jack came home and quickly took care of the nest. All I can seem to think now is burn baby, burn.

The most effective way to get rid of these ground dwelling wasps.

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