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The raspberries are just getting started…

If we weren’t blessed enough with wild asparagus, cherries, grapes, apples, honey, hickory nuts, plums and mulberries, this year, we also discovered wild raspberries. Jack’s life may now be complete…

Wild raspberries are black and have larger seeds but they’re still tasty.

We were out digging up our free asparagus when one of our elderly neighbors came crashing out of the brush on his golf cart with several bucketfuls of the sweet little berries. He was more than willing to point out where they were and told us to follow his trail. There were more than enough to share.

Evelyn and Claire are quite the little pickers.

Though we weren’t expecting to be berry picking that afternoon, we happened to have a plastic trash bag handy in the car (I guess there’s ONE good reason nobody ever throws their garbage away in the car…). We all got out and careful pulled the fruit off the very thorny vine.

Kate pretty much ate anything she managed to pick.

I would say the raspberries were free, but really, like foraging for any food, it isn’t. The cost isn’t money–it’s the risk of poison ivy, ticks, chiggers, thorn scratches, stained fingers and clothes, spiders, angry mother birds and mosquito bites. Even with all of that, the girls, Jack and I kept picking.

Vanilla Mousse and Berry Parfait anyone???

We went several times over the berry season and have ended up with several pounds of frozen berries in the fridge. Long after the harvest is over, we’ll be enjoying them.

A good little catbird chick who sat absolutely still and his poor parent who scolded us from overhead.
Thank you again, Mother Nature!

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