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I didn’t notice the asparagus growing until it was big and bushy, ready to drop its seeds.

Raven and I don’t vary much when we go running, partly because the roads are busy with early morning traffic (and there’s no shoulders on the roads) and partly to avoid routes with dogs who like to nip at our heels (I really need to bring a riding crop or some doggie mace with us…).  So, more often than not we jog down a road that’s quiet and boarders several abandoned properties that have seen better days. In early spring, I noticed a familiar plant that we had growing in our Iowa ditches: wild asparagus.

A little edible stalk! (It was yummy).

Asparagus grows pretty freely here but up until then, I’d only seen it on people’s property. Once I spotted it in the ditch of one of the abandoned properties, I told Jack and we packed up to take a family outing to forage.

Figuring out how to get to the good stuff.

Though there were a few edible stalks left on the plant, most of it was too woody to eat so we transplanted the roots near our garden and will wait until next year for an asparagus harvest.

Bringing home about five separate roots that’ll hopefully give us lots of asparagus next year!
Can’t beat free food!

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