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Yep. Those are ALL bees.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, I was powdering my nose when Evie drug me over to the bathroom window.

Look at the bees!

Sure enough, something was up.  There were hundreds of bees stuck to the outside of the hive (which is semi-normal if it’s hot enough, but the weather was gorgeous) and there was an equally impressive cloud buzzing around the yard.  My heart skipped a beat. Were our bees swarming?

The noise those swarming bees made was quite impressive!

Really, there’s nothing to do if our bees had decided to jump ship and fly away. I wasn’t about to go out there and shove something in front of their exit so they wouldn’t leave (I’d like to maintain my bragging rights to never having been stung).

Anyway, we watched them for a while and it seemed like the settled down. It wasn’t until we were pulling out of the drive that I heard them again, swirling up in the top of the trees.

Jack invited over another bee enthusiast to help.

Another swarm of honey bees had been attracted by ours and came to see if there was somewhere suitable to stay. Jack did his best to coax them into a hive box by dousing it in honey and tried his darndest to climb up there with everything from ladders to climbing gear to his bare hands but to no avail.

A few of the girls came down to eat and check out the box.
The bees have now left. And Jack is sad. And so am I.

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