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What a scenic canoe trip!

We were happy to have some family visit this weekend and somewhere in between chopping and splitting wood, putting in a new window in Kate’s room, helping someone move and keeping up with the chores, we found time to go canoeing.

Getting ready to push off!

It’s the first time we’ve been able to find time to go in Indiana. We lived less than ten minutes from a ramp down the Skunk River in Iowa (where, thankfully, we never saw any skunks) and have been dying to boat for a few summers.

Guess who unexpectedly made the trip with us and had to sit in the car while we had fun…

If going out on the open water wasn’t enough of an adventure, Evelyn also found her first tick in her hair (which completely freaked her out) and our cat Hercules took a ride on the top of the car, under the canoe all the way down the interstate to our destination. I was both angry at his naughty habit of climbing in and on cars and relieved that he hadn’t slid off and that when we stopped, we could hear him meowing and he came when called.

Amy, Jackson and Kate’s first canoeing venture.

The time on the water was sort of a test run for the girls too.  The last time we went together was on a lake before Kate was born and while we didn’t take all three at once, they understood they were to sit and stay sitting while on the water.

Jack taking his mother out on Cagles Mill.

Jack’s mother, sister and nephew took a turn as well and it turned out to be quite the gorgeous, scenic trip. I’m already planning another, maybe with a picnic at an upstream waterfall…Saturdays can’t come fast enough!

We had a blast!

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