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Look at me go!

I ran my first half marathon today!  I set a few goals like I wanted to run the entire distance and to finish under two and a half hours.  Here’s how the race went for me and a few of the thoughts I had along the way.


Startline Gawl, there are a lot of people here.  I think I’m kind of nervous.  Hey, look, a penny.


Mile 1 This isn’t so bad.  Just getting warmed up.  I think I can keep this pace up.

Mile 2 I see Jack and the girls!  Hey kids!  Look at mommy run!

Mile 3 Note to self: do not try to run and drink water or sports drinks.  You’ll end up with water up your nose and sticky sports drink down your face.

Mile 4 Only mile four?!?!  What?  I thought we were at least to mile 7!!!

Mile 5 I can do this.  I’ve been in labor ten times longer than this stinking race.  Bring it.

Mile 6 Oh my goodness!  I just littered!  It wasn’t intentional, I promise!  I missed the garbage container!  Should I go back and pick it up?

Mile 7 That hill was murderous!  Why would the race organizers do that?!  Maybe I should report them to the police for attempted murder…

Mile 8 This is the farthest I’ve ever run in my life.  Why am I doing this again?

Mile 9 I’m having a second wind!

Mile 9.3 Nope.  No, I’m not having a second wind.

Mile 10 I think I’m hallucinating.  Was that a unicorn that just crossed the street?  Yes, I think it was…

Mile 11 I wish I were that guy (gazing upon a roadkilled turtle).

Mile 12 Oh, no.  I don’t think I can remember my name.  Whom am I?  What am I doing here?  Did I sign up for this torture?

Mile 13 I see the finish line!  I’ll be there in no time.  Wait.  Why is it not getting any closer???

Mile 13.1 I’m going to kick it in and get this darn race finished!  Ow!!! Leg cramp!  Nevermind!  I’m just going to finish, no kicking.


I am happy to report I finished the race in 2:15:02 and 334 out of 902 people and I only walked when I needed to get a drink.  I’m pretty happy with my half marathon!  After a shower, a light lunch and a long nap, I’m feeling much better.  Not in the mood to run at the moment but I wouldn’t be totally opposed to a full marathon.  Someday.  Not in the near future.

(Gawl, that was HARD!)

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