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I love long weekends for several reasons: Jack gets to be home with us for longer, there’s more time to work on the house together and there’s time to have fun!

Climbing what they dubbed was Pride Rock.

We spent the morning putting up some more stone, I went on a jog with Raven, we took care of the animals, tended the garden, did some laundry, tidied the house and decided to go to Turkey Run State Park.

The view along the beach was gorgeous.

Saying that place is gorgeous is an understatement.  I love the rock bluffs and thick, verdant foliage.  We were a bit surprised to see how packed it was later in the day but it was a neat to see different types of people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Trekking over the suspension bridge.  Evie shrieked and clutched the rail the entire time while Claire tried rocking it.

There were dozens of people canoeing the river (I’m totally doing that next time!), hiking, walking dogs and carrying sleeping children and swimming.  Illegally.  Boy, it was hard convincing the girls not to dive in too.

Raven enjoying the cool breeze coming off the rock formations.  I’ve never seen her so tired!

Raven made the trip too.  She’s always a bit overeager to follow the trail but sometimes it’s helpful to have her pull me up the hills, especially when packing Kate around.

Fishing from the walkway.

We tried a bit of fishing and Jack helped the girls almost snag a couple but there were just too many people splashing around to make it worth the fish’s while.

Checking to see if she caught anything.

Unable to catch fish, the girls settled on trapping pollywogs, something they were rather skilled at once they were shown how (I perfected the skill myself as a child).

There were a couple of big guys but most of the tadpoles were TINY.

Weary and ready for dinner, we headed back home and stopped at a quaint little ice cream shop for dinner and dessert, then headed home to relax.

One of the benefits of siblings: there are always different ice creams to try.
It was an awesome afternoon trip we’d love to take again.  And soon!
Checking out a trickling waterfall.  Jack of course is drinking some.

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