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Can you believe we already have a smart, funny, beautiful, ready-to-start-kindergarten, taller-than-average, sweet, sassy, artistic, kind five year old?

Me neither.
At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Evelyn’s getting to the point where she very much understands what birthdays mean: a day all about her.  Thankfully, she’s very gracious about it.  She was kind to her sisters all morning who doted on her and more than once, randomly blurted, “Happy birthday!”  (Actually, they’re still doing it).

The trolley ride.

Jack was blessed with a really neat opportunity through work to go to one of the practice days for the Indy 500, complete with access to a swanky corporate suite.  Though not invited, we joined him after lunch since going to the grounds was free.


A nice guy gave us a ride from the parking lot in his rickshaw where we met up with Jack.  We kissed the bricks at the finish line, looked at some cars that probably cost more than our income and rode back to the parking lot on a trolley (which might as well have been a free train ride as far as the kids were concerned).

Evie’s solution to them both wanting to ride the stroller: hold your baby sister on your lap.

Then it was off to the museum, a rare treat with Jack.  Evelyn dictated where to go and showed her dad all of her favorites, most of all the dinosphere.

Jack and Kate being ridiculous and sitting on their dino nest.

She requested salmon for dinner (expensive tastes!) and a sun cake with a rainbow.  I compromised by adding food coloring to six globs of batter (I didn’t tell her the rainbow has indigo in it too) and swirled them in the cake pans.  And FYI, do you know how hard it is to frost a cake when it’s hot and humid?  Almost impossible.  Still, she seemed pleased with the results.


I raced to a meeting and raced back home in time to slice up the cake and send the girls to bed.  Looking back, maybe I should have held off on the dose of sugar–they were up until eleven chattering away, despite my best efforts to hush them.  I still paying for it today.  Oh, well.  What’s a birthday without cake?


We know how blessed we are to have Evelyn with us and are so glad she was able to have a fantastic day.

Happy Birthday Evie!

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