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The girls with the bride, groom and ring bearer.
Always a bride, never a bridesmaid…until last weekend.  One of my best friends was hitched to a really wonderful guy and the girls and I were able to be a part of it (even Jack got to participate by setting up for the reception, including ironing about 25 table cloths–I’ll never believe he can’t iron ever again).  I’d never been a bridesmaid, nor the children flower girls but it was a truly rewarding experience.
Behind the scenes.

I think part of the calling of bridesmaid is to share some of the stress and keep the bride happy but more importantly, share in a special (and often unseen by the rest of the guests) joy of the day.

It’s hard work being a flower girl!

Originally, Kristin asked Evelyn to be the sole flower girl but after some contemplation, wisely asked I make an extra dress for Claire.  Right on cue, Evelyn refused to walk down the aisle at rehearsal by herself but the second Claire took her hand, they meekly marched to their spots.  Kristin, knowing me well (and the bridesmaids’ dress industry–it seemed more likely I’d have a spotting of sasquatch than find a non-sleeveless dress), allowed me to sew sleeves onto my sleeveless dress so I could maintain my standards of modesty.  If that’s not real friendship, I don’t know what is.

They fell asleep for an hour and a half on the benches at the wedding venue.  I was hoping they’d get a nap in!

The ceremony was beautiful and thoughtful (even when Claire began softly whimpering in the background because, as she claimed, “Everyone was staring at me) and afterward, the reception was fantastic.  A few former tuba players and I serenaded Kristin to the tuba lap song and Hey, Baby.  It was so nice to see her smile


We stayed up later than we had in a long time and with the help of other friends from high school and eventually tidied up the venue before heading home (it was sort of a deja vu feeling, like we were at high school prom–staying up way past bedtime, listening to loud music with friends who are also dressed up–it was a neat feeling reliving part of my youth).

The girls got to be the first to paint on the bride and groom’s art-by-guests and here’s what they created!

The big day is over and we’re back at home painting and gardening and tending the animals.  We wish Kristin and John all the best and will cherish sharing their wedding always.


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