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I’d like to publicly re-announce how awesome Jack is.

We’ve been casually searching for that perfect dog for a few months.  We looked online, went to several adoption events, the local humane society where Claire was so startled by a dog that lept and growled at her in his kennel, she wasn’t sure she wanted a dog anymore and eventually found a dog we really liked.

He was adopted right out from under us.
We learned quickly that the good dogs go fast.

So we kept looking.  We visited a few other rescues while the cousins were here and stumbled upon Raven, a sweet border collie mix who, in the midst of a pack of excitedly barking dogs, stood silently, wagging her tail.  We brought her inside and though she was surrounded by six little girls–some elated, some nervous–she was very gentle and friendly.

Kate was thrilled that she found the dog’s eye.

We left her at the rescue and after Jack got home, did our best to convince him that she was the dog for us.  Jack hummed and hawed but never agreed that I should go pick her up.

Content to curl up on a blanket in between line-drying towels and in a room with hissing cats.

Yesterday at dinner, in walked Jack with Raven in tow.  He went secretly to pick her up and surprise us.  Seeing the dog (and INSIDE! something he claimed he’d never allow) was a happy shock.

SURPRISE!  (Seriously, we were all astounded).

She’s still settling in but is a quick learner and is enjoying all the attention from the girls, a yard to run in and a tennis ball to chase.

I imagine this was one of Raven’s first real grooming sessions.  She loved it.
Welcome home Raven!

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