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Since we’re settled in one spot early enough (and because we’re all sick of winter), the girls and I thought we’d try our hand at sprouting some of our own seeds for this year’s garden.  We did some research and instead of buying expensive seeding kits, decided to make our own plantable newspaper pots.  I’ve seen clever little pots made from toilet paper rolls but I’ve heard directly from a horticulturalist’s mouth that the glue in the toilet paper rolls can stunt seedling’s growth.  So, we settled on newspaper, especially since we’ve already got a generous stack waiting around to be used.

It worked!

You’ll Need:

Masking tape
Cup (for shaping the newspaper)
Potting soil, seeds, plant markers, etc

1.  Fold one piece of newspaper in half (mine are two pages thick but you could do more) and cut into thirds.


2.  Roll around the cup.  Secure side with a small piece of tape.


3.  Fold bottom of newspaper in and close with a small piece of tape.


4.  Fill with potting soil and plant seeds.  Moisten soil but don’t soak it.  And make sure  you mark which seeds will be what plants (they look strikingly similar when they first sprout!).


5.  Whenever spring decides to show up, plant seedlings directly in the soil (still wrapped in newspaper) after hardening for a few days to avoid any shock to the little plants.

We got some flowers too–I find it hard to justify buying flowers that don’t come back.  That doesn’t mean we don’t love them on the front porch though!  Here’s hoping for lots of beautiful blossoms.

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