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Jack and I are celebrating seven years of marriage today!
Really though, I married him for eternity so we’re technically still newlyweds.
Thankfully, we’ve avoided all signs of the seven year itch.  Seriously, Jack still says stuff like “As you wish,” (Princess Bride anyone?) with dreamy, puppy dog eyes when I request something of him and I try my darnedest to be out of my painting clothes and into something decent by the time he comes home, even if that means I’m only going to be wearing earrings and makeup for the last few hours of the day.  It doesn’t always happen, but I think he appreciates the effort.
So far, marriage has been incredibly exciting and busy.  We had a not-by-choice childless period and subsequently were blessed with three beautiful girls in quick succession.  Knowing our first choice was for me to stay home with our children, he still encouraged me to finish my bachelor’s degree before beginning his (let’s just say my kids greatly benefit from my knowledge of the animal science field).  We’ve been homeowners.  Twice.  We’ve flipped one (almost two!) home and have lived in five cities together for different careers, schooling and internships.  And if anyone questioned Jack’s love for me, I think the number of animal’s he’s let me keep says it all:
Two horses, one chinchilla, three ducks, three geese, three cats, two goats, six sheep, OVER 60 CHICKENS, and a tankful of fish.
(Not to mention all of the rescued wildlife in the house he’s constantly putting up with).
He assures me a dog is on the list next.
I think this sums up our family pretty well.
I don’t claim that our marriage is perfect–it’s sometimes I impishly injure him because after all this time together, I know what will sting the most.  However, the blessing lies in the fact that those moments have become fewer and further between with a great deal of patience, honesty and practice.
There’s sure to be more children, more homes, more cities, more animals and more adventures.  And I’m pleased that my companion is along for the ride.
Seven year itch BLISS

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