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No one can say I am a fair weather runner.  First, the Turkey Trot and the veeerrrryyy last goal accomplished for 2013 was a 10k on New Year’s Eve . . . at 10pm.  I was joined in my insanity by about fifty other runners, including a longtime family friend of both Jack and me.  Apparently the only time busy stay-at-home mothers are able to catch up is during late night winter races.


It was cold to be sure but once we settled into a rhythm, we warmed right up and had a nice chat about everything from children to homeschooling to her nephew, Trick Shot Titus (here’s an awesome video of him) while jogging along.  We ran along one of Lincoln’s fabulous bike paths in the pitch black.  At about the halfway point I pulled ahead and had a jaunt by myself.

Crossing the finish line!

If you’ve never run in the cold dark without a headlight, it’s a bit eerie and disorienting.  I about had a heart attack when I didn’t notice some nearby trail residents lighting off artillery shell fireworks.  The boom nearly sent me into a tuck and roll.  At another stretch of the trail, I was sure I was hallucinating when I spotted two lighted Christmas trees sauntering toward me.  Turns out it was two walkers from the race who decked themselves out in lights (so I’m not crazy, phew!).  And note to future running self: Runzas are a delicious Nebraska tradition, but they don’t help you run faster–they only give you tummy aches.

Maggie’s triumphant finish!

I finished in 64 minutes, four minutes shy of my goal but I thought it was pretty good without having a watch or a clue about pacing since I could barely see how far into the darkness I had to run anyway.  Maggie had a great kick at the end and we spent a few minutes laughing and talking after we’d finished.  Maggie won a baggie of organic fruit snacks and I won and I Love Yoga sticker.  Guess I need to take up yoga . . .

Hot, weary, sweaty and DONE!

It was an experience to be sure and now that I’m a little distanced from it, would even say “fun.”  I think I’m going to wait a few months before the next race though and see what running in fair weather feels like.

I wasn’t sad…I was just telling Jack how tired I was.

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