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Kate in the middle of the action.
We made it to Christmas!  Despite the weather, the long drive home, the sleep deprivation, the last minute gift wrapping and treat making, we made it!  And I only made my sister cry once.  Okay, twice.  Breaking news: I’m not perfect (sorry if that’s a shock to anyone!) but you know what?  Santa deemed me good enough to drop off gifts instead of coal, so I can’t be that naughty.
Silly Kate!  That’s a baby doll bed!

We started the morning at Jack’s parents and enjoyed a few hours chatting and opening presents before running back to my family’s get together…

I guess Jay wanted to take up as little room as possible.

…where we all received several gifts that were spot on what we asked for.  Aww, thank you!  It was especially fun hearing Evie shriek, “It’s what I always wanted!” when she ripped open her Lalaloopsy doll.  They may creep me out but she and Claire are happy girls.

Now Jack can avoid bee stings to the hands and face!
After tidying up our mess at my parents’…
(…and Jordan repackaging his kids to try and sell them perhaps?)

…we headed back to the Elikers to have a late lunch and most importantly, video chat with his family from across the country.  There were Nebraskans, Idahoans, Utahans and West Virginians who were actually in New York.  Technology really is a miracle.


We had a light dinner with my family before everyone settled into a happy post-holiday stupor and headed home or crashed on the couch.  What a happy day!

Other than making my sister cry.

She’ll forgive me.

I think…
Evie sporting her bling.

The day ended with the rereading of Luke 2 and pondering on the blessings that came from the Savior’s birth.  It’s been so fun to watch the girls more fully understand the reason for the holiday season as we’ve read the scriptures, discussed them and reenacted the Nativity.

Claire crashes where Claire feels like it.
What a beautiful day.  Hope yours was merry and bright too.
Santa took the form of family members and friends.

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