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Computer Desk to Sewing Station Tutorial


I have my eye on a room that I’d like to turn into an exercise/craft room but currently, it’s the kitchen.  So, until then, I was gifted a little particle board computer desk (thank you Nichole!) that I converted into a portable sewing station.  It’s nice to be able to keep my sewing supplies off the kitchen table but have them readily available–I just pull the desk out whenever I feel the urge to sew.  The best part is it fits in our oddball cubbies!  If you find a computer desk and want to make it into a personalized craft or sewing area, here’s how!


You’ll Need:
Computer desk with pull out desk for keyboard
One piece 1×6 wood (6 feet was plenty for me)
1 1/2 inch finishing nails
Wood glue
5/8 inch drill bit
Primer, paint, polyurethane and brush

First, disassemble desk as much as possible.  I didn’t remove the tracts from the keyboard drawer but did take the drawer out of the desk as well as removing the lower shelf.  It makes it easier to measure, glue and hammer.

Convert the keyboard area into a drawer
Measure front and back of existing base of the drawer and cut two pieces of wood (it can be any height as long as it will still slide under the desk top).


Measure sides of existing base of the drawer and cut two pieces of wood, taking into account the width of the front and back pieces of wood.  The rule about the height of the wood applies for these pieces as well but it should be the same height as the front and back pieces.

Nailing the front into the already secured side pieces.

From the base of the drawer, clamp side pieces in place and drill a nail hole.  Run a strip of wood glue between drawer base and side piece.  Secure side pieces with a nail.  Drill and nail in two additional nails.  Repeat for opposite side.

Clamp the wood while you drill and hammer and to help the glue stick.

Run a strip of wood glue between drawer base and front piece.  From the front of the drawer, drill and nail in two nails into the secured side pieces.  Repeat on the opposite side and again for the back piece.

The new and improved drawer.  Load scissors, thread, pins…whatever you want to keep together.
Replace the drawer into the desk once painted.

Add sides to lower shelf
If you have a lower shelf, add a piece of wood to the front by measuring the width, cutting a piece of wood and securing it with wood glue after drilling holes for the nails.

The new and improved shelf. Load with fabric and supplies.

Prime, Paint and Poly
Use a primer that specifically states use on laminates, such as Bullseye Primer then you won’t have to sand (unless of course you like to sand).  Paint and once all layers are dry, seal with a coat or two of polyurethane to make the paint job more durable.  No one likes nicks of paint missing after all that hard work.

Loading up the drawer with supplies!
Reassemble and sew away!  Enjoy!

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