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Grandma and Kate taking a turn on Stoney

My mom came out for a vacation last week (I should probably say “vacation” since I didn’t wash a single dish and rarely changed a diaper while she was here) and between a busy schedule of birthday parties, check ups, dental cleanings, the museum, zoo and hours at the local yarn shop, we also fit in a ride on Stoney.


Every time I slide into the saddle, I am reminded of dreams of Olympic grandeur but those remain tucked away for the future once my children are grown.


Really though, what I always wanted was to be able to teach my own children to ride Stoney the way he taught me to ride.  He was a little more flighty and naughty in his youth and has settled down perfectly.  He’s content now being the old gelding who totes kids around.

Claire and Evie doubling up.
I’m pretty sure watching my kids ride Stoney makes me happier than winning a gold metal would anyway.

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