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The sad, old ceiling.  Poor thing.

I sometimes wonder why I waited to so long to start on the outside of the house.  I think I wanted to create a bit of a sanctuary inside–get the bedrooms and living room painted so I could have a space to escape the constant construction before working on the exterior.  Thankfully, exterior paint is usable until a few degrees above freezing so if I’m lucky, I’ll get to paint right through the new year.  And I imagine it’ll take that long.  It’s a lot of area to cover.  Plus, a good majority of the house needs siding put up.  That will come slowly but surely too.

Halfway done!

First things first.  I painted the deck ceiling.  It wasn’t much work to paint the big rectangle other than leaving a bit of a crick in my neck and giving my arms a good workout.  Totally worth it.

All done!  Now, for the rest of the house…
If you’re visiting in the near future, please look up.

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