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So much better!  Now to replace the outlets and add some baseboard…

In most cases, I am not a fan of faux wood panels.  I believe it’s because they remind me of trailer houses and the 1970’s.  Still, if redone properly, they can be a tasteful decor accent.  But, there are a few tricks if you’re thinking of painting your own.  If done improperly, it won’t take long for little kids to discover it and promptly ruin your hard work.  Best to do it right the first time…


1) Remove old paint as needed.  If it wasn’t put on properly in the first place, it’s really not that difficult.


2) Rough up the surface by sanding.  As long as the shiny, slick top coat is removed, the under layer of wood color doesn’t need to be.

Dusty, dusty, dusty.  But done.

3) Fill gaps with caulking and/or wood putty and prime.


4)  And finally, paint (a couple of coats should do).

Done!  Now to make some shelves for those cubbies…

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