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Evie’s never actually seen the movie Ariel but she’s already in love the with the idea of a singing mermaid.  So, that’s what she requested to be this Halloween.  Problem is, she does not have Ariel’s signature flowing red locks but thankfully, no worries.  With a couple skeins of yarn, a headband and about two movies worth of time, we remedied that problem.


You’ll Need:

About 2 skeins of inexpensive yarns (depending on how long the hair of your wig will be)–I got everything at WalMart for less than $5.
1 elastic headband that snuggly (but not tightly!) fits around the circumference of the head
Scissors, knitting needle

I used a knitting needle to sewed the yarn right through the fabric of the headband then tied knots on the end to keep it secured.

Fit the headband.  Begin by tying or carefully sewing a one inch grid around the entire head (it doesn’t have to be pretty–just secure).  Side note: it’s hard to tie knots around hair.  But it can be done.

If you do it carefully, you can do it right on their heads as long as you don’t tie their hair in the knots.  Otherwise, use a like-sized bowl as a substitute.

Cut long pieces of yarn–twice as long as you want the wig to be.  Begin tying the yarn on the grid at the top center of the skull.  Pull yarn halfway through and tie in a square knot.


Move from the center to the midpoint of the head then out to the sides.

After making the grid, I used this rubber-ended bowl to do the tying.

Fill the wig as much as needed.  I didn’t need to do the back 1/3 of the wig since the hair from the top and sides covered the back.


For the front, tie a line of yarn along the headband to conceal it.


Trim yarn as needed and style wig.

Trick or Treat!

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