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Since placing a few praying mantis egg sacks earlier this spring, I’ve been wondering if any of them made it.  This week seems like we’ve been having sightings left and right of the fascinating insect.  The first one spotted got away before I could snap a photo but the next one provided an evening of entertainment.

The girls were swinging, I was feeding the horses and Jack was hunched over the Brussels sprouts, picking the hordes of worms off when he shouted for us to come over.

The stealthy predator hard at work.

Thankfully, none of us are squeamish about bugs and we each took turns holding the little critter, letting him run up and down our arms and laughing as he tried to intimidate us with his swift punches.


He was a lively one for sure.  It didn’t matter if he was staring one of us in the face or posing for the camera–he wasn’t going to be messed with.  He was one feisty dude and wasn’t bashful in the slightest.

After having a few good laughs and admiring his obvious intelligence, we put him back and let him do his job.

It’s always nice to know that an endeavor is successful and even more thrilling when we get to witness it.

A new shoulder pet.
Keep up the good work little bug!

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