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One of the things we enjoy as a family is a good exploration.  We have been able to take advantage of several expeditions as we’ve been relocated around the central states from Peterson Pits in Iowa to Lake Monroe in Indiana to Hamilton Pools in Texas.  There certainly is no shortage of beauty in Indiana!

There goes Gretel, skipping off by herself.
At the recommendation of a new friend, we visited Lieber State Park and the nearby Cataract Falls.
How do I always get stuck with the baby hiking pack?

The weather threatened rain so we decided to take a nature walk first, under an umbrella of thick green leaves.

They love their covered bridges here.
We got a few sprinkles and rumbles of thunder but otherwise stayed dry (and bug bite free–phew!).

We drove around the park and discovered what else they have to offer for when the weather’s more conducive to outdoor activities.  Surely, we’ll return.


Then we headed down the road to Indiana’s largest waterfalls: the upper and afterward, the lower Cataract Falls.

There goes Jack, pondering again.
Of course, an observation deck is never enough for Jack, so he went down and got a closer look.
The girls wondering where daddy went…

I convinced him to come back up and look at the second covered bridge we came across that day.

I could hear Evelyn’s shrieks over the roar of the falls.  I think she inherited my fear of heights…

The girls weren’t so thrilled about being held over a river, even if they were in the safety of a sturdy bridge but eventually, they warmed up to the idea and enjoyed the view.


Jack then convinced us to all go down to the falls together for a family photo.  I’m not one to say “no” to an adventure either, especially if it means a good story or photo in the end.  I navigated the rocks, handed the girls down to Jack and we all got a bit wet.  Oh, well.

If that wasn’t enough, Jack took Evelyn and Claire one by one (probably to see if Batman’s cave was back there…)
Sadly, no Batcave.
Evelyn, who wasn’t thrilled about the noise or the idea of getting wet without a swimming suit, managed a smile by the falls.
Before the girls gave up from exhaustion, we visited the lower falls too.
We walked along the shoreline and admired the pockmarked rocks and gently rolling river.
Jack’s attempt at modeling.
It was a fun, fairly relaxing adventure.  I love a good discovery!

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