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Ben teaching our family how to properly be beach bums.  He did spend a few months in Hawaii studying.

We have an ongoing joke that Jack knows at least one person everywhere we go.  Indiana is no exception.


He attended ISU with a few of his coworkers and he recognized a woman at church as an acquaintance from youth.  This past week, another friend stayed overnight after flying in to visit his father down near Bloomington.

Ben and Jack taking the canoe down to shore.

We took the chance to spend more time with him and headed to Lake Monroe together.  The enormous reservoir reminded me of Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks where I spent many happy summer days as a child.

My girls were no less thrilled to get into the water for the first time of the season.

I brought my swimming suit but spared the world and enjoyed dipping my feet in the lake while watching the girls frolic while Jack and his friend Ben paddled out in the canoe…

…and drifted slowly back to shore.

Kate was fascinated with the wet sand and Claire and Evelyn piled my cup holder full of clam shells until the warm sun took it’s toll.

We built a beach towel tent and took refuge.
Kate was thrilled that she got to try some chips.

It was one of those fun family outings that–after a big move, the start of a new job, countless hours working on the house, etc–was much needed.

We all had fun.

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