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Since moving to Indy, one thought has been at the forefront of my mind:
Try and tell me that horse and rider aren’t athletes.
You are only three hours from The Rolex!!!
I walked where the horses galloped!
In case you don’t speak horse, I’m not particularly excited about uber-pricey wrist watches as I am about what those sharp-looking timepieces sponsor.  The Rolex is the only four star three day equestrian event in the United States.  If you know me at all, you’d know anything horse is sure to make me happy.
Ever since I began taking serious riding lessons, followed shortly by the purchase of the flashy gelding we all know as Stoney, I’ve dreamed of going down to watch the event.
More so, I’ve dreamed about competing in the event.  Sure, competing in equestrian sports isn’t at the top of my priorities at the moment, but it’s been simmering in my thoughts for fifteen years.

It’s not going away anytime soon.
Thanks mom for helping cart along the children.
The week prior to The Rolex we were in Nebraska for a family wedding but even after repeated inquiries, Jack insisted he wanted to go spend time with us.

That horse got some serious air.

Though I would have swooned to see the elegant dressage Thursday and Friday, this year, we only went for the thrilling cross country test on Saturday.

The day was cloudy and cool–perfect weather for cross county.  With our lunches, diapers, blankets and cameras stuffed beneath a jogging stroller, we headed out with all three children.
We made it to the Rolex!
Of all the thousands of people watching the spectacular athletes, more people brought their dogs than their toddlers.  It was a lot of work pushing or carrying or chasing our girls around the course but they clapped and cheered just as loudly as anyone else.
Jack and Claire taking a break and a nap.
Of course, it’s a lot easier being a child who can nap anywhere from a hiking backpack to a jogging stroller to their daddy’s shoulder.
We had a lovely picnic lunch during the break, napping, eating and playing hide and seek until the riders started off again.


After the last horse left the starting gate, we walked around the Kentucky Horse park until our feet and backs were exhausted.  We glimpsed at the stadium jumps we’d be missing. . .


. . .and bought a coil of fencing off a display so we could finish the horses’ pasture when we got home.


And, of course took and opportunity to climb aboard some of the jumps (they’re pretty darn high and very sturdy).

Jack waded out with the girls so the could sit on one of the ducky water jumps.
All in all, it was a fantastic day and though we were all exhausted, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
If you’ve ever wondered if the horses enjoy what they’re doing, you should see how fast the excitedly charge around the course and fearlessly take on the obstacles.
This year, we had a taste of The Rolex but I’m already looking forward to next year’s trip.
Thanks for keeping the dream alive mom.  And thank you Jack for going without too much complaint.

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