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We returned home late afternoon from a family wedding and directly after changing diapers, we all split our separate ways to take care of the animals.  Jack haltered the horses and let them at our lush, overgrown yard while I went inside to check on the cats.  We were only gone for an extended weekend so I left a large bowl of water and cat food to sustain them.  It was probably a month’s worth of food but they gorged themselves on well over half.  Picking them up to put them outside for some fresh air, I was certain they gained five pounds each.

The nurses preparing a box for the chipmunk.

It wasn’t ten minutes later that I watched Hercules and Snickers batting around a poor little chipmunk.  He was old enough to have his eyes open but his mobility was wobbly, like a newly walking toddler.  He wasn’t fast enough to give the cats chase and though they tried to encourage him to run, they weren’t impressed.  Had they not been full-to-the-brim on cat food, the chipmunk’s fate may have been different but he got lucky.

Snuggling in his bed.

We put the shivering rodent in a box with some of the horses’ sweet smelling hay and will watch and see how the little guy does.

And, as if there were any other name for a chipmunk, this guy is going by Alvin.

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