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We are a few days away from closing on our second home.  While it won’t be nearly the construction job that our last house was, it is in desperate need of updated home decor.  Feel free to shudder. It won’t hurt our feelings since we didn’t do the decorating.

So, help us renovate!
Do you have a favorite paint brand and color?
(Especially one that covers smoke and animal smells)
Have you recently redone your own home?  Do you have a before and after to share? Or a tutorial?
Do you have any pins on Pinterest or websites you find helpful?
Help us make this fascinating acreage beautiful again!
Please share–we can use all the help we can get!
Please and thank you for the suggestions and advice in advance.

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11 Responses

  1. that is quite the project lady. I have heard really good things about kits you can use to redo your counter top colors and your cupboards. I have too many cabinets that come down to the counter, I would go insane! I think you need custom bookshelves for the nooks on the left and right and a couple little reading chairs in the middle one :). If you go to my facebook, there's before and after pics of our much smaller demo. I LOVE our colors. Good luck

  2. Congrats on getting this little gem. My cabinets are very old in my house, so the previous owner placed a textured tan paint on them and updated the hardware, they also added new counter tops and they look great. But I have heard great things about that paint you can use on counters. You can check out my small kitchen at Good luck. I can't wait to see how each room turns out.

  3. So excited for you! I can't wait to see the after pictures. One thing I really like is painting wood white and stainless hardware (cabinets, doors etc.) It's a timeless look that can really freshen up a space. Also wainscoting has a classic look and can be done inexpensively. One of the biggest things that can improve the look and feel of a room is lighting. I am married to an electrician so I'm a little spoiled, but I always change the fixtures and have him put in recessed lighting. Oh and they have gorgeous tile these days that could really help out your master bathroom. Good luck! I love renovating so much I dream about it.

  4. Something else with paint colors is that it's fun to pick different colors for different rooms. It looks like the previous owners had a little too much fun with this. I like to have a more uniform, neutral color on most of the rooms and then I can decorate with more bold accent colors if desired. However, if you do want to paint rooms different colors, I would suggest staying in the same tone or shade etc. so there is a nice flow. On the paint swatches try to stay on the same level of each color you choose as much as possible. You will probably notice you are drawn to a certain color tint/shade depending on your personality.

  5. make sure you wash all the walls and ceilings before painting!! smoke is so hard to cover up! Also, my SIL says you should turn those nooks into bookshelves

  6. Oh my goodness, do you have some FUN on your hands ;). Reminds me of our 20 ft argyle wallpaper wall we still haven't finished working on. Please share the progress every step of the way :)!!!

  7. Noooooo…. oh no…. that's so bad. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the accent wall covered with carpet. And what in the world is up with that bathroom?? Maybe the previous owners were cardiologists??

    That purple room looks like it has amazing hard wood floors. You could paint it a light cheerful color and install some crown molding in the same stain as the floors to tie the room together.

    Those nooks in the last picture would make an amazing library. You put shelves on each of the walls inside the nooks and every nook could be a different category of books. You could even turn one of them into a reading nook and fill it with comfy pillows and a reading light.

    Good luck with closing on the house!


  8. With the nooks put in little desks for each of the kids to do their homework. Just a thought. Maybe one with a computer the kids can use for anything they might need to look up or to play games.

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