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10 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls


With three girls, we’ve got a lot of wispy, fine hair in the house to tame.  I can’t bring myself to cut the iconic, thick bangs that most little girls sport at some point so I’ve been getting a bit creative in their hairstyles.  With a little practice (on both the part of hairstyler and child), here are ten easy hairstyles for little girls.

1.  The Tripod

Just pull the bangs into a half ponytail, then divide it into pigtails.

2.  The Reverse Tripod

Separate hair into two half pigtails, then comb all of the hair into a ponytail.

3.  The Cascade

Gather bangs into a ponytail.  Add three or four rows of ponytails, combining with previous ponytails.

4.  The Double Cascade


Divide hair down the center.  Form two half ponytails with bangs and add subsequent ponytails with previous ponytails.

5.  The Ballerina Bun.

Pull hair into a ponytail.  Twist and wrap hair around hair tie and secure with pins or a clip.

6.  The Samurai


Divide hair into half ponytail and comb high onto the crown of the head (this hairstyle is particularly helpful when shopping–it’s easier to spot a child with a flag of hair on their head).

7.  The Pippi Longstocking

What little girl doesn’t love braids?
Divide hair in half and comb into two pigtails.  Braid and secure with hair ties.
8.  The Octopus

Divide the hair in half and form two half pigtails.  Divide hair into three equal ponytails and combine with portions of previous pigtails.

9.  The Turnover

Divide hair into two equal half pigtails.  Turn hair through front and center of itself and tighten.

10.  The Weave


Separate out two locks of hair.  Twist them together once, then begin picking up hair and adding it to the bottom lock.  Twist back around and repeat with other lock (the pattern is similar to french braiding but is simpler with one less section to work with).

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