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The great room.  Claire has already made it abundantly clear that wall will need to be put up right away.

Jack and I have been searching for acreages in Indiana since before his official job offer was extended.  It was partly out of curiosity, partly hoping that there’d be something to suit our needs.

The kitchen is currently upstairs but I’m not dragging groceries that far.  I’m thinking it’ll be a bedroom again, especially since it’s already got a cedar closet attached.

Though there are plenty of acreages in the largely agricultural state of Indiana, they are either a pretty penny (and out of our price range at the moment) or would require a lengthy commute for Jack which I found unacceptable.  So, we went with our real estate agent, admired a few homes and pondered if they would work, then, we found the ONE.

Not one, or two, but three full baths. 

It was sort of a fluke find.  I wasn’t very excited about it online but decided to stop by since we were going to the area to view another home.  I fell in love with the house, the short commute, the undisturbed land.  Sure, it’s a fixer-upper but nothing we haven’t handled before.

What a fun play/family room with a great deck right outside.

We snatched it away from another bidder by turning in our offer last minute to avoid counter offers and dazzled the bank who owned the house with our clean pre-approval letter.

The original kitchen.  I’m dreaming of an awesome laundry/utilities/mud room.

I’m already making plans for where I’ll put the garden or what color of siding to put up and have to remind myself that slow and steady will be best.

This must have been a large office.  I’m visualizing it as the new kitchen since the other kitchen was put upstairs.
More photos of our improvements sure to come.  For now, enjoy a sneak peek.
What a fun deck!  Outdoor summer entertaining anyone?!

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  1. That house looks enormous!! What an awesome deck! Wish we lived closer to indiana to come visit! Hope your pinteresting all the ideas you have for renovating! I love mud rooms… Doesn't rain enough here in AZ to have one though! Lol

  2. I've never seen an upstairs kitchen before! I don't even know why one would want a kitchen upstairs. The deck is awesome!!! The house looks pretty big, and I hope to see some photos of the outside (I'd love to see the view from the deck!). I bet you're so glad you decided to stop by and check this one out. =0)
    New GFC follower.

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