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Evelyn’s entire dance career thus far culminated this past weekend with a Christmas program.
The sweet owner/dance instructor who gave Evelyn a chance.
She got up on stage and bawled her eyes out.

Not surprised.
(I wouldn’t have even gotten up on stage when I was her age so I’m very proud of her).

She has really blossomed over the semester.  At first, she would barely look at her teacher and classmates, let alone perform any fabulous dance moves in public (at home was a different story).  Now, she knows the routine and has been teaching me stretches and positions at home and participating fully in each class.

Tap is definitely Evelyn’s favorite.

Though she got stage fright the day of the performance, she had a rare spurt of boldness during the dress rehearsal.  It may have had something to do with the deep blue eye shadow she was required to wear or the red leotard and white tutu but whatever the reason, Jack and I were blessed to witness it.

No rough and tough ballerina here!
And she gave a solo performance on stage directly following the program:
 (I don’t think Claire will have any problem being on stage if she expresses an interest in dance or theater).
To top it off, our day of dance concluded with Jack taking me to a fabulous performance of The Nutcracker.  It was fun pretending to be well-cultured adults for the evening.
And who knows?  Maybe one day Evelyn and Claire will be up on stage as the sugar plum fairy.

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