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Playing by light of the harvest moon.

Since arriving in Iowa, I have missed part of or all of a spring, summer and winter due to Jack’s traveling internships but have been blessed with four full autumns.  I’m not sure I can pin my finger on the exact reason I love fall so much, whether it reminds me of school starting (which I am now mature enough to admit I miss attending school–college in particular), or of Montreal (autumn and Quebec are just synonymous for some reason) or if it’s simply the “Goonies” weather (as Jack and I have dubbed it) and fiery sunsets and displays of leaves.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds must have been filmed at our house.  We literally see thousands of grackles, starlings and other blackbirds swarm to our house each autumn.

Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland also evokes a feel of autumn.  Despite being about spring, my oldest and very musically talented sister send me a copy during my first brisk autumn in Montreal.  Now I listen to it at the beginning of every autumn and reminisce.

(Here’s a selection of the music)

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to have one final autumn before the beginning of a new adventure.  I hope the next place has as wonderful autumns as here.

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