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Grandma and Claire waiting for tap to begin.
Evelyn loves to dance at home.
When she has an audience, however, she becomes a bit shy.

Though Evie’s age group wasn’t scheduled to perform at the Christmas program, Jack and I decided to send her to the auditions for the youngest children’s dance number.  When I asked Evelyn if she danced for her try out, she casually remarked, “Nope.  I just stood still.

Evie’s a little more animated during tap than ballet.
I sort of laughed and figured she would be sitting in the audience with us for the event.
Claire’s ready to dance.  If only there was a dance class for two year olds…

Imagine our surprise when we received a phone call inviting Evelyn to be in the Christmas program!  The sweet dance instructor decided to give Evelyn a chance to perform since we won’t be here for the spring recital.  No one knows if she’ll dance but at least we can give it a try.


Kind of like I did last year in my late twenties with a group of other mothers who decided to try to dancing on stage for the first time.

It’s never too late to start dancing I guess.

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  1. I LOVE everything about this post!! I love Evelyn's comment, the cute photo of her being shy, the photo of you and the other moms wanting to try something new, Claire watching her big sister and wanting to participate. So fun!!!!

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