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A few weekends ago, we went back to Nebraska to visit family and fellow UNL band alums for our yearly tuba get together (that’s right, I played the tuba!).  In the excitement of our visit, we headed home without one of Evelyn’s newest prized possessions: a black and white stuffed horse that was actually gifted to Claire as a big sister gift but to which Evelyn immediately claimed.  Evelyn forgot the little pony strapped in grandma’s little doll stroller so for the next three and a half hours back to Iowa, I listened to her teary pleading and insistence that we had to go back.  If that weren’t enough, she’s been reminding me every day since that I must remind grandma to bring it when she visits.  Frankly, I’m afraid I may suffer a breakdown listening to much more badgering from Evelyn so I frequently pass on the reminders to my mother.

Margaret visited everyone from the baton twirler, grandpa, one of the drum majors, a CMB alum, grandma, the cops, the band director and Der Weiner Schlinger man.

Apparently Pony, who Evelyn informs me is named Margaret, was not content to stay home, tucked away in a suitcase.  Instead, she decided to get some fresh air and accompany my mother, who works as a secretary for the UNL band, to a Husker home game.  Margaret appears to have had a fabulous time.

Margaret hung with cheerleaders, the drumline, the band and even made it out to the 50 yard line N.

At first, Evelyn was distraught to see so many people holding her pony (though I kept reminding her it was in fact Claire’s) until she realized grandma was orchestrating the entire thing.  Then the whole outing was hilarious.

Margaret learning to play the sousaphone.

After the big Husker game day adventure, Evelyn and Claire perused the photos grandma sent a few more times, giggling at each one.  Later when the girls were tucked in bed, Evelyn once again sternly reminded me, “Don’t let grandma forget to bring back the pony.

Lil’ Red got hungry but don’t fret–grandma saved Margaret.
For my own sanity, I sure hope she doesn’t.
Poor Margaret.  All tuckered out after her big day.

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  1. I may have told you this before, but my dad is from Nebraska. 1/4 of my family is in Seward which is like 30 miles outside of Lincoln. I'm a HUGE Husker's fan =)

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