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Stoney out keeping the lawn in check.

In an effort to be more positive (because let’s face it, being negative is incredibly easy, especially when it’s hot and dry), here are a few reasons that the long, hot drought has been a good thing:

1.  The grass has been stunted but the weeds haven’t!  Therefore, the animals–particularly the sheep–have been subsisting off a diet of weeds which has forced me to go out everyday and chop some down for them.  I am never usually this on top of weed control.


2.  We have been stimulating the local economy by buying higher than normal amounts of hay, grain and salt licks for the animals and popsicles for us.
3.  We more frequently take breaks from work to enjoy family time swimming.
4.  I haven’t had to mow in over a month!  Usually I enjoy mowing, but it’s easily a four hour job for our rickety old mower.  That’s precious work time spent elsewhere.
5.  We never truly could have appreciated central air until this year.  It certainly was the right time to have it installed.
6.  I haven’t gotten a single mosquito bite this summer.
7.  Rarely have I had to rush outside to pull down clean clothes off the clothesline or drag my work equipment inside because of a downpour.

Evelyn’s photography debut!

8. My prayers have become much more fervent.  Every once in a while, that’s a good reminder.
9.  The heat helps the stain and varnish on the trim dry exponentially fast.


10.  In an effort to conserve water, Evelyn and Claire have taken to swimming in buckets rather than in the pool … okay, they just happened to climb in while the sheep weren’t looking but still, it’s less water than a pool.


Of course, we continue to hope and pray for rain and are thankful for when it comes but I’m trying (sometimes desperately) to see life as a series of humbling learning experiences that have the power to make me a better person.


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