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The pecking order has been established and the hens and roosters all now have names.  Time for a poultry meet and greet!

Here’s Aloysius.  He’s an australorp rooster that is no Derek, but thank goodness is no Robbie either.

Monty is also an australorp rooster though you can see by comparison, he’s underdeveloped next to his brother Aloysius.  In fact, for the longest time, everyone though “he” was a “she” so the poor, half blind, stunted boy has kept the nickname of “Momma Rooster.


Our silver-laced Wyandotte earned the name Lizzy (as in Queen Elizabeth).  Though she’s not quite as patient and benevolent as her predecessor Queeny, she has striking coloration and has the potential to be quite a friendly hen.

I love the expression on poor Lily’s face.

Lily is an ameraucana hen that is hands down Evelyn’s favorite girl.  Watch her training session here to see what Evelyn can get her to do.


Jelly Bean, like Lily, is an ameraucana which are also known as Easter Egg hens.  Next to Lily, she’s one of Evelyn’s favorites.


Gingerbread and Penny are pretty much twins.  They’re both Rhode Island reds and I haven’t quite figured out how to tell them apart.  They’re some of the quickest of the bunch and so they’ve evaded being trapped and cuddled much.  Their downfall however is food.  Toss them a sliver of watermelon and they’re your best friends.

We sure are enjoying the hens and their quirky personalities but are still waiting for that magical day when they start pulling their weight we find their first eggs.  Of course, I should probably build a nesting box before then…

. . . and one more thing to cross of my goal list!

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