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Ever since I found the first egg, I’ve been waiting to find another without avail.  So it was no shock to discover a clutch of seven eggs in the window well.  I guess the nesting box isn’t working.


The hens are going to be spending a day or two in the coop until they figure out it’s an appropriate place to deposit their eggs.  I’m just thankful they haven’t decided to nest under the dumpster.

There’s always something to be grateful for.

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  1. Okay, so this may be a very city-girl question, but I've been wondering ever since you posted about the last egg you found…how do you know if it's good to eat still? I guess you can tell if it's been out for less than a day, so it's probably okay. Is there a time frame when you have to find them before they gestate too much?

  2. Yeah, I usually will only eat them if we've found them withing the past 24 hours. All the eggs we found in the window well were taken up to the nesting box to demonstrate where the eggs are supposed to go. It seems to have worked because they're laying them in the coop now so hopefully no more egg hunts. And luckily, we haven't had any that were fertilized yet so no surprises when we cracked them open. Some baby chicks would be fun though…

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