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We don’t have a lot of neighbors around but fortunately the ones we do have are pretty awesome.  A young couple lives just across the road and lucky for us, shares our enthusiasm for animals and agriculture.  We frequently exchange favors when we’re out of town because let’s be honest, finding a babysitter to come over and feed your horses, sheep, cows or chickens isn’t quite as simple as it is for a dog or cat.


The girls are always more than eager to come help do the chores and in the morning, we make the rounds to all the animals.  This week we’ve been taking care of the neighbor’s place which is always fun since we don’t have any cows of our own.


Their current set of cattle aren’t quite as friendly as the last few they’ve had.  They weren’t interacted with as closely as calves and still are a bit wary of humans as they’ve grown larger.

Enter the cow whisperers.

Like me, the girls are rarely content to just look at an animal.  Part of the experience is to be able to make physical contact with the creature, though that sometimes goes awry.  Though the bullocks were a bit standoffish at first, they eventually warmed up to the girls who somehow knew just how to invite them over.  They grabbed tiny fistfuls of food and dropped their gaze so as not to make eye contact with the cattle.  It didn’t take long for them to win them over.

Once they realized Claire wasn’t very threatening and she was standing next to their meal, they were alright with letting her touch their fuzzy muzzles.
Someday I’d love to have a cow or two of my own especially knowing the girls are naturals with bovines.

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