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Let’s Celebrate: Giveaway Number Three


Yesterday was the first year anniversary that The Rehomesteaders was begun so let’s celebrate and have another giveaway!

My friend Amy in Montreal, Quebec was gracious enough to donate the darling little prize.  I met Amy several years ago when I served and LDS mission in Montreal and got to know her fairly well as we spent nearly every Monday for several months jogging, sweating and chatting.  Though I had no particular thoughts about issues such as breastfeeding or cloth diapering my future children, she was passionate about the subjects and ignited a desire in myself to do the same not only to save money but to be an environmentally conscientious mother.


Amy is one of the co-founders of AppleCheeks cloth diapers, one of the leading washable diaper brands today.  They are incredibly cute, are made of durable materials and most importantly are some of the thinnest and most absorbent cloth diapers on the market (trust me–I’ve gotten my hands on a few different brands and AppleCheeks is by far my favorite).


To celebrate The Rehomesteaders first year, up for grabs is a size one (6 to 20 lbs) washable swim diaper in Mojito.  Amy was sweet enough to send me another to try out on Claire and I have to say I fell in love with it.  Claire obviously appreciated the flexible material and adjustable waist and leg holes because she went right to playing after marveling at it for a few moments.  Check out the AppleCheeks website or their Facebook page for more information or to directly contact AppleCheeks about any questions you may have regarding cloth diapering.


If you’re interested in being the lucky winner for your own child or grandchild or as an awesome baby shower gift, there are three methods of entry:

  1. “Like” The Rehomesteaders on the Facebook page (remember, not at the top of the blog post–go here to enter).
  2. Become a friend of The Rehomesteaders and follow on the left side of the page under “Join This Page.”
  3. Leave a comment below about your swimming experience as a child.  Were you a water baby or did it take you a while to warm up to swimming?  I, for one, frazzled my mother whenever we were around water because I was determined to swim from a young age.  A lot like Claire is doing to me now, haha!
The giveaway will end on 15 June 2012 with the drawing of a random winner.  Good luck!

53 Responses

  1. First, thanks for the give away, second I followed all of your steps and am now down here leaving my comment.

    I was a crazy fish in water. Loved it then, and love it now!

    PS, your LO is beautiful!

  2. My mom tried very hard to make us swimmers. We had swimming lessons every summer growing up… Unfortunately it never took and myself and my brother never became proficient swimmers – although we both do love water. =)

  3. I'm still pretty afraid of the water, but got in just this weekend with my girls, so my baby (9 months) could be in the pool for the first time! She loved it. My 3.5 year old takes swim lessons, and they let families come in all together 2x/week for family swim for practice. It's great!

  4. I was a water baby. Camped at a young age and swam in Lakes alot. Parents put me in swimming lessons once I was old enough as my Mom did not learn how to swim.

    Would love one of these diapers for my daughter! 🙂

  5. I was pretty terrified of the water for a long time, it wasn't until my mom started me in swimming lessons at age 7 that I started to be comfortable in the water. To this day I prefer to wade in the shallow end than dive to the bottom of the deep end.

  6. When I was little (3-4) I had a small plastic pool and a friend came over to play who was younger than me. She had an accident and for weeks I told everyone "Chrissy pottied in my pool!". I think it traumatized me because I never really learned to swim until I was an adult and still don't care for the water!

  7. I don't remember my first swimming experiences, but I can't remember a time when I wasn'[t comfortable in the water. Really hoping my little boy takes after me!

  8. I was definitely a water baby! The first of my family to not be afraid of the water. Although, it did make for boring swims when all my cousins, aunts, uncles etc were stuck on the beach while I was splashing around.

  9. I must not have been a water baby. I was the oldest of three and remember being in elementary school when I first started swimming lessons. The other kids my age progressed much more quickly than I did. That must be why I'm frustrated with my daughter for taking pike classes twice and not being ready to move up yet.

  10. I was a complete water baby. I often spent all day in and out of the river. DD loves, loves, loves her bathtime, so I suspect she will be also.

  11. i was a water baby! We lived near the ocean and spent most of our summers at the beach. During the winter we swam at our local pool both for fun and for swim lessons

    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

    Congrats on baby #3!!!!!

  12. My parents enrolled me into swimming lessons as a kid and they were adamant that I completed up to a certain level, as they believed swimming was an essential skill (of course it is but when you're a kid you don't care). Well, I think failed each level once or twice (may have even failed one level three times. OOps). Sorry, mom & dad for making you spend all that money on swimming lessons. I am forever grateful and it may very well save my life one day (if it hasn't already) <3

  13. I loved the water but never learned properly how to swim. I think I had swimming lessons but didn't get very far!
    ebickell at hotmail dot com

  14. I actually can say that I loved water as a child, but still do not know how to swim at the age of 26. Yeap not good as my children now love water. I'm thinking swim lessons are in our future.

  15. HATED water then and now! I was thrown off a boat, old school in hopes of learning how to swim. My parents had no idea this happened- it was my uncles idea and he figured since it worked for him it would work for me. Ahh no, I sunk and he had to rescue me. I am terrified of swimming and is it any wonder? Fingers crossed baby Ben likes it 🙂

  16. I've never considered myself to be a very good swimmer, although I do enjoy it! I like to go swimming and as a child liked to dive to the bottom and see if I could swim the length of the pool all under water without coming to the surface for a breath. I don't think I really learned to swim well until I was 5 or 6 years old. My older cousins taught me how in a Jacuzzi! I have a 3 1/2 year old and it takes him a little while to warm up to the water, but he does enjoy it!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  17. I always loved to swim I learn when i was about 2 or 3 and after that i was always in my grandmas pool or at the beach with her and my cousins during the summer. now i am trying to get my baby girl to love the pool.

  18. I hated the water – so scared! I finally learned how to swim at age 31 so I wouldn't pass my fears along to my children. psalms673 at gmail dot com

  19. Liked you on FB, followed your blog through email, and was a water baby from birth… Since infancy, I was swimming like a fish, which I loved that mom did that for me. I've never felt scared of water.

  20. I took swim lessons when I was about 2. My family had a pool growing up so my parents wanted to make sure we all knew how to swim. Spring, Summer and early Fall I LIVED in the water!

  21. I liked you on FB. I swam early and loved it, growing up with grandparents who had a pool…and an awesome floating turtle.

  22. I liked your facebook page and joined with GFC under Mamac10. I was not much for swimming in more than 6 inches of water for a long time, but I had a blast in the sprinkler in the backyard. 🙂 It took a second try at swimming lessons when I was about 12, about 6 or 7 years after the first try, before I really learned how to swim.

  23. My mom put me in lessons when I was four as we lived on the water. I hated it, I can remember telling the lifeguards that I had a terrible headache and couldn't go in…every time! they all laughed and though I was the cutest thing. I still can't dive to this day. I just had my first baby. Evan will be 5mths tomorrow and I just signed us up for mom and baby swimming class. I have been trying to hunt these swim diapers down but no one carries them in my city. I would love to win! thanks for the opportunity. haley

  24. Hey Rachael! I was a total water baby – my mom put me in lessons at 6 months old and I loved swimming ever since. Now that I have my little guy, he LOVES bath time, so we're hopeful he'll be a swimmer, too. 🙂 (And Applecheeks are totally my fave diaper, too!)

  25. I loved swimming as a child, I remember going on long trips to hidden lakes and beaches with my family. I strive to do the same for my girls, they both love the water! And I love my AppleCheeks! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  26. I can't remember the first time I swam. But as a child during the summertimes in Idaho my cousin and I spent endless hours around or near water of any kind we could find. If we weren't at swimming lessons, swim team, syncronize swimming (yes I said syncronized swimming). We were dreaming of a way to get my parents to build us our own swimming pool. Multiple times a summer we would hatch many a scheme to achieve pool-dum! One summer we took tarps and any object we could find to prop them up and filled it will water. It worked pretty good, we had ourselves a real live 3 foot swimming pool! Then another memory was we decided that if we started digging the hole them my parents would have to see how much we wanted one and they would for sure finish for us. Well about 4 hours later and a pretty good size hole we filled it with water and had a mud fight. There are many, many more memories of summertime pool dreams and fun at the local swimming pool. Now I have a 6 month old daughter who seems to love the water as much as I did/do! I can't wait to take her for her first swim lesson!

  27. I have never done this before and I somehow did not get my name above. It is Taunya. And I went to your facebook page and liked the page but could not find a place to join the page.

  28. How fun! I would love to have a little fish/duck pond around here. I don't know if we'll get around to it, but it's on the wish list (just after we get the must-do list done, haha!)

  29. Hi Bridget! It looks like you're enjoying motherhood–it certainly is a change but a lot of it is awesome, isn't it? Anyway, I think parents really rub off on their kids so I wouldn't be surprised if your babe is a swimmer too!

  30. I think I was sort of a water baby, well as much as ban be considering I lived in Ohio. My baby LOVES the water,and since we live in Florida he has plenty of opportunity. Since we cloth diaper anyways I've been thinking of getting a swim diaper for him, but have not yet. Winning this contest would be great! Thanks for hosting.

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