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Monday turned into a whirlwind of a day.  I painted our bedroom.  We fed a dozen farm animals.  Next, we moved pea gravel around the house for the landscaping.  Later in the day, what was supposed to be two additional guests over for dinner ballooned to thirteen.  Thankfully there was plenty of food and it was, as usual, the more the merrier.  And in between class and our dinner party, Jack decided to pour our patio.

When Jack returned home from his two year missionary stint in Mexico, he took a job pouring concrete.  I always knew it would come in handy.  After he formed it, I helped move gravel and tape tarp on the siding and the beloved new air conditioner to protect it from splashing concrete.  Then Jack’s cousin came over to help with the pour.  It only took about five minutes for the cement truck to unload and maybe half an hour to spread, level and smooth it.

Then Aloysius, the new rooster, decided to take a stroll across it.
The chickens were all banished to the coop for the remainder of the day.
We enjoyed a hearty picnic dinner and other than the invasion of sap beetles, the atmosphere was quite pleasant.
Then Snickers decided to slink across the wet concrete despite my warming to her.
Everyone yelled a collective, “No!” at her.  She responded accordingly, dashing off the patio and leaving her dainty little footprints behind.
The rest of the evening, Jack sat out back and watched the concrete harden.  Other than the surrounding dirt work and landscaping that needs to be done, we have a gorgeous new patio without any new footprints.

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