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Seeing as this is our last summer at the acreage, we’ll be taking reservations for those wishing to come visit us before we depart.  There are several sleeping spaces available here at Hotel Eliker.  All are free of charge though I’ll admit you’ll probably be asked to assist in home improvements, to babysit rambunctious children or feed cranky animals if you stay here longer than a few hours.

Here are a few of your options:

The barn, constructed in 1900 is a spacious, comfortable structure!

Of course, it’s a little drafty since we took down the back lean to for a shed in the horse pasture.  The racoons, groundhogs and stray cats have no complaints.  Just a heads up–the barn will only be available for a few more months until it’s taken down to make rustic furniture.

Adjacent to the barn is the sturdy cinder block silo!  It too has plenty of space . . .

. . . although you might get a little rain on your head since the aluminum roof caved in years before.  Be careful not to sink into the grain auger hidden beneath a few feet of silt either.


The horses are always willing to have people over for a nap.  We built them a shed to keep them out of the elements but they prefer to sleep in the sun on a pile of hay.  They’re generally gracious hosts.  As long as there’s no sweet feed in sight.


If the horses are too big for you, the ewes are a lot of fun!  There’s a cozy shed and ample downy grass to get comfortable in.

I can’t guarantee, however, that a crazy-eyed ram won’t crash the party.
If you’re the type to sleep under the stars, the hammock is quite relaxing. . .
. . . just don’t try to snooze in it when the wind gusts are pushing 50 miles per hour.
There are also nosy animals, plenty of large spiders and bloodsucking mosquitoes the size of birds in the great outdoors:


Now that the house is almost completely renovated, some rooms have opened up.  The attic has a fluffy layer of insulation that’s sure to keep you at ease.

The cubby under the stairs, affectionately known as the Harry Potter Suite, certainly is private!
Guests can always crash on the couch too.  I can’t promise though that a small child won’t land on you while you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

So our acreage isn’t a five-star hotel but it certainly has its perks.  The sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, the lake is a half a mile away, bonfires and s’mores occur regularly and the memories will last a lifetime!

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