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After a few busy weeks volunteering elsewhere, we were able to get back to the humane society to play with a friendly pooch.  This week, we choose Maria.


She was obviously thrilled to receive some attention, especially as a puppy.  She couldn’t stop wiggling her entire body and showering us graciously with gentle licks.  Maria had sadly been dropped off by her owners who could no longer afford the spunky puppy, so she’s was starved for human interaction.


On the car ride to the park, she was slightly nervous but did little more than tremble and pant.  When she sought solace in someone’s lap, she felt much better.


I wish we could have had a yard for her to play in–she ran circles around me on the leash to burn off some pent up energy.  The moment I picked her up however, she was as docile as a sleepy rag doll.  Maria will undoubtedly be capable of entertaining her future owners with her goofy antics as well as fulfill her role as an affectionate companion.


She seemed to love children, hugs, and having someone stroke her silky smooth hair.  I tend to think with her fuzzy ears and sweet face that she’s got a bit of Papillon in her though it’s difficult to know for sure with any pound puppy.  I am happy to report, however, Maria was snatched up the same day we took her for a walk.  Maria’s one of those success stories I wish I’d hear more about.  So, if you’re thinking of adding a companion animal to your family, check out your local shelter first.  There is surely someone special waiting there for you!

Right on the lips!

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