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Funny Photos: Thanks For The Reminder

Since we crossed the state line into Texas, I have noticed their abundance of interesting signs, billboards and bumper stickers.  Right after Welcome To Texas and a few phrases about how great it was to live there, was the reminder Drive Friendly.  I’ve also noticed dozens of intimidating signs from police officers “kindly” reminding people the cost and jail time of offenses such as DWIs and that they will be watching vigilantly.  To counteract them, there are just as many, if not more lawyers touting their legal services for everything from bail bonds to divorce to defending your decision to drink socially then drive (that one made my jaw drop!).

Here are a few of the favorites I’ve been able to catch:
(and don’t any of you worry–I wasn’t driving when I snapped photos of them)
I don’t know why this made me giggle.  It was just a friendly reminder about sun glare which is usually something I’m quite aware of when it’s occurring.  The sign was also in the middle of a vacant building’s parking lot.  In the ghetto.  Not next to a shop selling sunglasses.
While I am thoroughly opposed to spiting on the sidewalk, this is the first reminder I’ve seen that it’s a punishable offense.  Of course, the walkway right underneath the sign was speckled with old gum, saliva and chew.  Ewww.
Like people need a reminder that they dislike oil companies.  Now their wives are rubbing it in people’s faces too.
Just one of the million reminders to Drive Friendly.  Most people heed the sign but every time I drive somewhere, there is someone that is speeding recklessly, refuses to use their signals, won’t get over when you’re trying to merge onto the highway (especially if there’s no one blocking their way), generous with their honking and more often than not, will make it obvious that they think you are to blame.  Ah, silly drivers.  Didn’t you read the signs?

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