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We have a family wedding coming up this summer and this is the first one that we were asked to wear a specific color.  So, I whipped up some cute yet simple dresses for the girls.  They’ve got an empire waist and some pretty silver lace embellishments to adorn the otherwise ordinary knit fabric I used to keep them comfortable all day.

The embellishments make a plain outfit dressy enough for a special event, from church to a wedding.
Want to know how to make one for your darling?  Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it:

Approximately 1/2 to 1 yard jersey/knit fabric
1 to 2 yards embellishment
Matching thread, scissors, tailor’s chalk/fabric marker, measuring tape, etc


1.  Measure your child’s high waist, chest, shoulder to high waist and high waist to desired length of dress.  Cut two skirt pieces using the child’s high waist and high waist to desired length measurements.  Cut two bodice pieces using the chest and shoulder to high waist measurements (cut the neckline for the front lower than the back and make sure the circumference of the front and back bodice necklines will fit over your child’s head).  Finally, cut two cap sleeve pieces by tracing a circle and cutting it in half.


2.  Sew one shoulder of the bodice together (leave one shoulder piece undone for embellishment).  Hem neckline.


 3.  Hem armholes.


 4.  Hem base of sleeves.


5.  Stitch embellishment along base of sleeves, on the right side (I use a zig zag stitch with thread matching the embellishment to secure it).


6.  Stitch embellishment to right side of neckline, reserving 1/2 inch on either end of the unstitched shoulder pieces (the idea is they’ll be tucked into the seam so you don’t have to mess with the ends of the embellishment).  Stitch embellishment to underside of fabric to secure it.  Seam together the unstitched shoulders.


 7.  Pin right side of sleeves to right side of shoulder pieces.  Seam together.


 8.  With right sides together, sew the sides of the bodice.


9.  Sew together one side of the skirt.  Hem the base of the skirt.


10.  Attach the embellishment and zig zag stitch, reserving 1/2 inch of embellishment, as on the neckline.  Sew together the unstitched side of the skirt.


11.  With right sides together, pin the base of the bodice to the top of the skirt, matching seams.  Stitch together and trim the excess fabric.


The dress is ready!  Though it’s for a special occasion, it’s comfy enough for dancing, playing and generally being a kid.  Enjoy!



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