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A few Christmases ago, Jack and I got a fun set of sheets and comforter for our bed.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a bed skirt.  It was really only an aesthetic problem until Claire discovered a small hole in the box spring fabric and began slowly ripping it larger and larger.  So, I decided to tackle making our own bed skirt.  Not only does it discourage the destruction of the box spring by persistent little fingers, it also conceals any junk or dust bunnies that may be residing under the bed, it’s customizable and it’s inexpensive to make.  I had an old mattress cover that needed to be re-purposed so I ripped off the sides and used it as a base piece bringing the grand total of the project around $5.  It’s really a win-win all.

Anything would look better than this.

Here’s How:


1.  Measure the three sides of your bed (if the head of your bed is pushed up against the wall, there’s no need to wrap the skirt around the top).  Along with the length from bed to floor you’d like to make it, determine how much fabric will be needed (For Example: the distance around the three sides of my bed equals 205 inches and I wanted it to be about 12 inches long.  So, I got 90 inches of 45 inch wide fabric and ripped it into three 15 inch pieces, equaling a total of 270 inches of useable fabric.  The extra fabric allowed for gathering to better hide any seams and imperfections.  Make sense?).


2.  Baste around the top of each piece of fabric.  Pull the threads to gather slightly.


3.  Sew the fabric together to create one continuous piece of fabric.


4.  Hem them bottom.


5.  With right sides together, stitch together the bed skirt fabric and the base piece (if you don’t have an old mattress cover to use, find an inexpensive piece of fabric the width and length of your box spring to use as the base piece).


6.  Remove the basting stitches and place the bed skirt between the mattress and box spring.

Claire always denies playing with Jack’s calculator but now I have proof.

Your bed will look so much better!  At least until little children come to jump on it…the bed skirt will still look wonderful though.


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