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The Scarborough Renaissance Festival


My mother commented how we always do something so exciting on the weekends since we’re not tied to home improvements at our property in Iowa.  True.  That house is about all the adventure we can handle some weeks.  But while we’re here in an apartment and we hardly see Jack during the week, Saturdays have become the family/date/fun day.


After last week’s visit to Hamilton Pools in Austin, we decided to do something a little different and attend the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  It wasn’t far from Waco but by the time we arrived, it was pretty obvious it’s a popular destination.  Traffic was backed up a mile onto the interstate and a sheriff had taken to directing traffic.  The last few miles took about fifteen minutes to find our way to the parking lot.


It was a strange sensation feeling like we were in the minority for not dressing like princesses, vikings, Scottish lords or scantily clad women.  It was quite amazing how much work attendees put into their outfits, making the scene even more entertaining.

This wasn’t the only guy that dressed like he was going to steal your children in the middle of the night.

We did what people traditionally do at Renaissance Festivals.  There were numerous acts from knife throwing to comedy to turtle races to guys balancing pretzels on their face:

We got stopped by a parade, to which Evelyn and Claire waved faithfully:

They were rewarded for their enthusiasm with showers of candy and jewelry:
We of course ate a turkey leg:
Evie rode a man-powered swing:


Love the face she gave the guy.

And tried on lots of masks, garlands, crowns and princess caps:


Since I’ve never ridden an elephant, much less touched one, Evie and I decided to hop aboard:
The fastest ten bucks I’ve ever spent but now I can say I’ve been on an elephant!
Being sunburned, tired and out of cash (Robin Hood was nowhere to be seen to protect guests as they were being robbed at every turn) it was time for us to head home.  Judging by the thousands of people in attendance, the festival easily rakes in millions of dollars during the short two months its open.
We had loads of fun and experienced lots of things we never had before.  Maybe next time I’ll whip us up some costumes and join the ranks of renaissance festival die-hards.


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  1. My sister and I went to a Renaissance fair one time. Definitely a different crowd than you usually see out and about! We loved watching some of the entertainment – jousts, mock sword fights, etc. Looks like a fun time for you guys!

  2. Oh, yeah. Just about everyone there was embracing their inner thespian. I think it might've been safer to dress in some period clothing because then people wouldn't have been tracking us down, asking if we wanted to buy their lotion bars or their chain link lingerie (yes, that was there!), haha!

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