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The Rehomesteaders First Giveaway!


In celebration of a milestone, I’ve decided to do a fun little giveaway!  I’ll be making a custom lace-edged baby blanket for one lucky person–they’ll get to decide on a boy, girl or neutral theme and with or without lace.  They’re great as baby shower gifts, for upcoming newborns, visiting grandchildren, as an extra blanket at the foot of the bed or for spoiled pooches or kitties.  I won’t deny “borrowing” the girls’ blanket a time or two for myself to snuggle under.

I still have one of my baby blankets–a soft pink one with blue and pink dancing bears
dancing (at least they seem to be dancing…).  Sometimes Claire and Evie pull it out to use!


To enter, share something you remember about your baby blanket below in the comments (be sure you identify yourself!).  Do you still have it?  What color was it?  Who made it?  How long did you use it?

For extra entries, like The Rehomesteaders Page on Facebook and/or becoming a follower of the blog!  The lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 20 April 2012!

Good luck!

27 Responses

  1. My baby blanket also has bears on it – it's white (or as white as a baby blanket can be after 20 years) and the bears are sitting in a triangle formation around some blocks. I still have it – in fantastic condition – and we're planning on using it, along with other blankets, for our babies. I think it was store-bought (I haven't been told otherwise) but I still love it! I used it for years – that thing always seemed to be JUST the right length for me head-to-toe, like it had some kind of magical power. I'll be glad to let my children enjoy it too!

    -Lora Lacey 🙂

  2. I still have my baby blanket, (took it with me on my mission, in fact), and it's a soft green material with woodland creatures printed on it, tied with pink yarn and bound with pink binding. I love it and have kept it in great condition, despite my love for it throughout my life. Now it sits with the master linens, protected from too much light, use or wear. I've always loved how it's the perfect temperature, no matter the weather or how I feel. A magic blanket, indeed!

  3. ps I love your blog and I liked you on facebook. You're a great writer and I admire your courage in everything you do. I'm a little gutless. How do I follow without email though? We just get so many emails to our joint account that I don't want to overwhelm it with more…

  4. Mandatory Entry:
    i still have mine from all my kids, i saved them along with their first going home outfits!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. Mine was pink and lacy on the edges. I actually wasn't too attached to my blanket that I can remember but I did think it was cute!

    I liked you on facebook

    I already follow you on here of course!

  6. My baby blanket is now 53 years old. It is off-white,knitted–but i think purchased by a Great Aunt rather than hand-made. It has a few moth holes in it,but I could never bear to part with it,as it is the only think I have,along with a forlorn looking teddy bear and a brown 'luggage label' that was tied around my ankle after I was born( rather like Paddington Bear!) I gave it to my eldest daughter when she had her first baby,and so it stays in the family!

  7. I still have my baby blanket. It is crocheted by a friend of the family where we lived when I was born. It is white, green, pink, blue, and yellow. I still use it and love it. It is probably one of my favorite blankets. I love that it is big enough for me to still use.

  8. This might sound sad but I actually don't remember my baby blanket…although I have extremely fond memories of my pink teddy Pinky (originaly I know haha) – and I still have him 🙂

    Jenn Roth 🙂

  9. Aww, thank you! I think everybody's courageous in their own unique and important way. And I will have to look into how to join without getting emails and will send a message to you. (I love your house by the way–very beautiful, love the color and have gleaned some ideas of my own!).

  10. I have a blanket that I called my 'jeje' that acutally meant 'silky'. It's a thin silk material and used to have colorful dots (all worn out now). I still have it somewhere, I think under my pillow…I still am rather attached to it, though I haven't seen it for a couple months.

  11. ooooh! My baby blanket was bright green on one side and had some sort of town scene on the other side, with streets and cars driving down the streets, and lots of different stores and houses. If I couldn't sleep, I would make up stories about the people who lived in that town. It disappeared a long time ago and I miss that blanket all the time. 🙁

    Cool giveaway!

  12. The blanket I remember the most was a quilt sewn by my great aunt. The squares were varying shades of pink and also had lace. I remember my name being embroidered in the corner. The most memorable part of the blanket was a large yellow duck sewn in the center with extra batting, creating a pillow. The quilt was quite large, I could lay my head on the pillow in the center and still have plenty of room to stretch out. It would be fun to dig this out and see how small it seems now in comparison. 🙂

  13. I don't remember having a special blanket as a young child but I remember when I was around 8 and my mom let me pick out a comforter for my bed. It was white with multicolored hearts on it. I used it until I moved out of the house and it wouldn't hold its stuffing any longer.

  14. Yes I indeed still have my baby blanket. Indeed I have three of them. The one I used the most often was made by my grandma. It has nursery rhymes on the front of it in pink and the back of it is white. I am hoping my daughter will like it one day when I decide to pull it out for her. It is still soft. I have many pictures of me using it. I can't remember how long I used it for.

  15. That's funny–my mom mentioned I had several blankets as a baby but I only remember the one I still have. I'm sure your daughter will love it. It's so interesting to me how many people have used their baby blankets as sort of heirlooms for their children.

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