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In honor of our exciting announcement yesterday that baby number three is on their way, I decided to recreate one of Evelyn’s favorite baby blankets for Claire.  Once we figure out if the next is a boy or a girl, I’ll make one for them too.

There’s not much to these blankets yet there are endless possibilities depending on the fabric combinations, size, batting thickness and whether you want lace around the edge or not.


You’ll need:
2 equal sized cuts of lightweight cotton fabric (a yard will make a rectangular blanket if the fabric is 45 inches wide so if you want a square blanket, ask for 45 inches.  However, the size and shape is irrelevant to the construction as long as you have the appropriate lengths of material)
Lightweight batting, cut slightly smaller than the cotton fabric
Enough lace to trim the entire blanket and overlap slightly, optional
Matching thread
Coordinating cotton baby thread (it’s yarn spun to a slightly thinner width than normal)
Embroidery or yarn needle


1. Arrange the lace on top of the right side of one piece of cotton fabric, pinning it in place.  Sew along the seam of the lace.  When it is turned to the outside, it should hide the raw edge of the fabric.


2. Lay the batting on the wrong side of the lace-edged fabric, pin in place and baste around the edge to hold it in place.


3. Turn the lace back to the inside and arrange the second piece of cotton fabric–right side to right side–on top of the lace edged piece of cotton fabric, pinning in place (hint: the batting should be to the outside of the two fabrics).


4. Carefully stitch around the blanket, leaving a 12 inch gap.  When finished, turn the blanket inside out and check for mistakes, correcting them before sewing the gap closed.


5.  Fold the unfinished edge under and stitch closely along the edge to close the blanket.


6.  Thread the yarn and in a grid pattern, run two inch pieces of yarn through the blanket.  Remove the basting as you go to ensure the fabric lays evenly.


7.  Tie thread in a square knot (right over left, left over right) and trim.


Win one of your own custom lace-edged baby blankets in The Rehomesteaders’ first giveaway!  Go here for details.  Good luck!


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