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Sunday breakfast (before we rush off to church) is one of the few family meals we typically get to sit down at for more than a few minutes.  So, I like to try to make it a tad special.  Today, it was crepes.

There’s not much to them and they can be filled with virtually anything.  Try:

-cream cheese and fruit, sprinkled with sugar
-peanut butter and chocolate
-pie filling and whipped topping
-peanut butter and sliced banana
-salad, hard-boiled egg and dressing
-scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, onion and green pepper
-whipped topping and fruit
-cooked chicken, steamed broccoli and melted cheese
-peanut butter and jam
-hazelnut spread and fruit
-hot ham and cheese
-vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar
-yogurt, sliced strawberries and drizzled chocolate
– lunch meats, cheese, lettuce and dressing
-or enjoy plain!



1 cup flour
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt

Sift dry ingredients together and set aside.

 3 eggs
2 cups milk at room temperature
2 Tablespoons melted butter


Thoroughly mix together the eggs and milk.  Add melted butter.  Pour in flour mixture slowly and beat until smooth.


Heat a pan over medium to medium-high heat and oil lightly.  When warm, place about two tablespoons of batter in the pan and swirl to thin batter into an even circle or pour enough batter to cover the entire base of the pan with a thin coat (then there’s no need to worry about getting the batter into a perfect circle!).


When the crepe is golden brown, flip after a minute or two by loosening the edges.  After about a minute, remove the crepe to a plate and cover with a towel or place in a large Tupperware with the lid placed over the top but not sealed.

 Serve warm!  Mmm…

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  1. My dad used to make these for us! Always with fruit filling though when in crepe form. He saved the savory fillings for his delicious omlettes 🙂

  2. Made these tonight and we both loved them. I put Nutella inside of some of them, and ate the rest of them plain. Yum, yum, yum! I will be saving this recipe. They were so easy and very delicious. I also love that they only call for normal household ingredients – no need for anything special. Thanks!

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