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By my estimates, I exercise about an hour three to four times a week.  Here is my regiment:

9:00 Warm up:  Get everyone ready.  Chase down girls and put shoes on, grab toys, fix hair, etc.


9:15 Strength training:  Drag double stroller down flight of stairs while porting Claire on my hip.


9:20 Strength training continued:  Drag stroller back up flight of stairs while carrying Claire when Evelyn has a melt down, realizing her favorite blanket isn’t in the stroller.


9:25 Stretch:  Sit with my head in my hands while on the floor until Evelyn finishes crying in her room.  Claire assists by jumping on my back, forcing me to really push myself.

9:30 More strength training:  Drag stroller back down flight of stairs while balancing Claire on hip.  Pick up girls and place them in stroller.


9:35 Cardio:  Jog for anywhere from 1.5 to 3 miles, depending on how long the girls can sit still.  Double stroller swerves uncontrollably when they begin to push each other back onto their own sides, incorporating more strength training.

9:55 Cool down:  Walk around the apartment parking lot and wonder why girls are so quiet.  Realize Claire has fallen asleep on Evie’s lap and they’re both okay with it.  Previously pent up frustrations melt away.


10:00 Strength training:  Drag double stroller up stairs while hauling a sleepy Claire on my hip.  Place girls in front of one children’s television program with milk and snack.  Shower.  Use remaining and following day in recovery.


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