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Since bidding Clay farewell, I’ve gotten out of the groove of going to the Waco Humane Society to walk the dogs.  However, I jettisoned right out of my rut when I found out Hanzel (who has been waiting patiently since last September to be adopted) was finally chosen by a special someone.  It really made my day and gave me the motivation to go choose another adorable dog that needed a little attention.
Cue the sweet, nameless dachshund girl!  I asked Evelyn what we should call her and after reciting through a few names, decided she looks like a Betsy.

Betsy came with us first to the park to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  The darling girl just stood by and watched, wagging her tail the entire time.  When she got tired of the sun, she curled up in the shadow of the playground equipment to relax.  She wasn’t overwhelmed by children petting her and was well-behaved the entire time.


036-5421157She took a nap during lunch and I almost forgot she’d joined us because she didn’t utter a peep.  She loved the attention from my girls and wasn’t bothered by their curious exploration of her droopy ears or constantly wagging tail or being lassoed by her leash and lead around the house.

Betsy was great for her bath.  She got a bit of a wide-eyed expression when I set her in the tub but not once did she try to escape.  Afterwards, I trimmed her front nails and of all the new, exciting and intimating experiences she had with us, her nail trim was by far her least favorite.  She didn’t try anything drastic but it’s obvious it’ll take some patience and training to get her to sit still for her manicures.

She took treats like a pro, is incredibly nimble and agile, rode quietly in the car, took her potty breaks in the grass and has a darling temperament to go along with her beautiful coat.  She’s all clean and waiting at the Waco Humane Society for her special family to come get her!


***We’re happy to report this sweet little Dauschaund (also known as Ruby) has been adopted by a lucky family!***


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