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Delia, whom I mistakenly thought was “Delilah” (and Evelyn kept calling her “Charlie”–the good little dog responded to anything she was called) came with us today.  She was sitting so sweetly in her kennel and it just seemed right to take her, though Morgan and Betsy were wagging their tails a few kennels down, hoping they’d be the lucky ones.  If only I could juggle two small kids and a handful of dogs.  Sigh.


We went for a walk along the Brazos river to get some fresh air.  Delia was a bit of a weaver on the leash but after bumping into the stroller a few times, she figured out how to walk in a straight line.  Despite the other dogs being walked nearby, she never strained on the leash or barked.  She preferred to flick her tail and flirt from a distance.


Once she got some grass under her feet, she got a real spring to her step.  She pranced along, obviously enjoying the activity.  Delia enjoyed the attention from the girls too, trying occasionally to crawl in their laps for a hug.  She easily conceded though once she was told to get down.  The car ride was no big deal and she was quick to give the sweetest kisses when she gets the chance.  Who could say no to such a beautiful tri-colored face?


Her bath was a bit of a surprise but once I got to scrubbing her down, she relaxed and enjoyed it.  Though a young rat terrier, she didn’t even try to bolt while I towel dried her.  Afterwards, happy about being clean and dry, she put on quite the show as she comically wriggled her way across the floor on her back, then exuberantly tore down the hallway.


Delia is a sweet dog that probably won’t last long.  She’d be super for a family with small kids–she is so dainty and gentle around children and took her treats very carefully.  At times she was a little unsure of the new situations we exposed her to, but she did little more than skirt out of the way.  We’ll be the first to say Delia is a good dog that will make the perfect addition to some lucky family.

***Lucky Delia has been adopted!***

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