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I love a good story and like most of the dogs at the Waco Humane Society, Morgan has one.  Not far beyond being a puppy herself, she shows physical signs of having had multiple litters throughout her life.


All of that time raising pups has also given her a soft spot for children and an overall kind, patient disposition.


With Buffy all cleaned up and ready to go to an adoption event, the girls and I took Morgan on a walk yesterday by the old suspension bridge.  It’s pretty obvious she had never learned how to walk properly on a leash–she wandered back and forth around us, oblivious she was on a leash until she reached the end of it.


However, with a few gentle reminders, she eventually caught on and chose to walk briskly on our left side.  She’s definitely potty trained though which only adds to her appeal.


She’s a total snuggler and loves scratches behind the ears, on top of her head, under her chin and along her spine.  She likes a good squeeze now and again too.


Unfortunately, whoever owned her before left her abandoned with two puppies.  She apparently was one scared dog when they found her but now, no one would ever know it.  Morgan’s the sweetest dog with a tail that won’t quit.  Seriously, it wagged the entire time, just faster when she was particularly pleased.  It seems like she’s endured a lot but isn’t suspicious of people because of it.

Morgan still would love attention and is looking for a family to give her the home she deserves.
***We’re happy to report that this lucky girl has been adopted!***

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